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Four at Core Teams

The TSS motto is “We Ride for Others”, and in addition to charity rides, this means we ride for each other. We have always relied on volunteers to host our rides. Hosting is a way “We Ride for Others,” and the TSS Board wishes to encourage all TSS riders to share in this service and support the group by hosting rides.

For the remainder of 2017, Spiritual Spinner sponsored rides are divided into Spring, Summer and Fall Series (Winter will be part of 2018) based on day of the week and ride type (MTB or Road): for the remainder of 2017 there are 12 such series.

Each series will be coordinated/hosted by a team of four called Four at Core Teams (FACT).  Each FACT member does not have to attend all the rides – the duties are shared by what works best for your team members. Help each other out! Each team works together ensuring their ride series responsibilities are covered each week (see below the sign-up links for a summary of responsibilitieas).

We have sign up pages (using SignUpGenius) where TSSers can volunteer for each series (you can help on more than one if you want).

Important note: If we do not get a full FACT team for a series, the hosted series will not be scheduled. Riders may still organize unsupported pickup rides, but our desire is to have fully supported rides.

We had over 170 cyclists at TSS hosted training rides last year and we need to help each other and share ownership of the club. Supporting a ride series as FACT members is not required – just strongly encouraged!

Four at Core Team Responsibilities (More details are at Hosting Rides.)

  • Assure there is someone there to host the ride each week (does not have to be one of the four)
  • Assure cooler is stocked & iced (as appropriate for ride series)
  • Provide printed cue sheets with the SAG phone number (if a ride has SAG)
  • Assure the Facebook and Meetup events are updated and childcare is notified if ride is cancelled because of weather
  • Self-select a representative of FACT team as voting member of TSS board 

Support Provided by Non-FACT Board members

  • Train FACT members on how to host rides
  • Schedule rides on Facebook and Meetup
  • Select routes for each week (as warranted)
  • Drinks provided (as appropriate for ride series)
  • A dedicated TSS Board member supports each Series’ FACT (in addition to FACT member on Board). See this sign up for board members contacts for each series.

We hope this new system will ensure better continuity, more enjoyable rides for TSS riders, ensure all rides have hosts, and share more club responsibilities evenly across active TSS riders.