Hosting rides

This document describes hosting evening road rides (Spring/Summer Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday rides). Adjust as necessary for other rides (i.e. Saturday long road rides do not have SAG, drinks, all groups, or childcare and are not constrained by sundown.)

Routes: The routes selected need to take into consideration the duration of the ride (amount of daylight available usually dictates this for the Spring/Summer series – the times in the consolidated cue sheet indicate time 10-15 minutes before sunset), the time of the season (later in the season people can handle more hills), and the effective speed of the group. See the calculator in the “TSS Consolidated Cue Sheets” Excel workbook for guidance on distance.

Select routes for the ride so the cyclists from the different groups finish at about the same time coming in along the same roads. The routes are part of a “Family” to help select routes for this purpose.

Once the routes have been chosen, post the routes to the event about three days before the ride. Post to the event wall using the format like the one in the sample invitation.

Links to all the routes, along with small maps, and additional descriptive date are contained in the “TSS Consolidated Cue Sheets” Excel workbook. Have at least two, preferably three people for each month to share responsibilities.

Ride Day Activity:

Waivers & Cue Sheets: Before the ride, make sure all the riders have signed a waiver, familiarize the new cyclists with the grouping approach and our no-drop policy, and assure people who want cue sheets have them. The person doing this would need to arrive at least 30 minutes before ride time and can leave when they finish riding.

Drinks: Bring a cooler filled with water and Gatorade on ice. This person needs to arrive no later than 6:15PM and should stay until all riders return before leaving with the cooler.

Chalk Lines, Send-Off & Welcome Back: Draw lines on the parking lot for each group, organize people into groups for each ride (no more than seven or eight and have people start lining up five minutes before ride begins), make announcements, say the send-off prayer (or recruit someone), and make sure all who head out are accounted for at the end of the ride. This person needs to arrive at least 30 minutes before ride time and has to stay until all riders return.

Route Host: Before the groups are sent out, establish at least one, preferably two people, to be hosts for the route group. These two make decisions regarding the need to shorten the route, if the group needs to break into two, etc. It is important that these people be experienced TSS cyclists who are comfortable leading and making decisions. It is good practice for those who usually ride in the faster paced groups to be route hosts or groups that ride at a slower pace.

Never let riders return to an empty parking lot. We are hosts and we should never leave before our last guest has arrived safely and left for home.

Weather: One of the people working the rides for a given month needs to monitor the weather in the Fuquay-Varina area and be prepared to cancel the ride. Get messages out via:

  • Post to the Facebook event and a post on TSS wall.
  • Make arrangements for someone to be at the church near ride time to pass the cancellation along to those who did not receive the word.
  • Contact Tony Drapkin to cancel childcare as soon as a decision has been made.

SAG: Have one of the people providing SAG ride the In-Town route that evening so they can quickly respond to a call.

Suggested Send-Off Prayer:

O wonderful and glorious God, we thank you for this beautiful day and the opportunity to ride together.

Please be with as we go out on our rides.

Help us to loom large in the eyes of the drivers as they pass us and help them make wise decisions.

Help us make wise decisions as well and keep us safe until our return.

We ask these things in your holy and precious name.